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Find Out What's Happening

(Jerry Crutchfield)

Copyright Champion Music Corp.

Original by The Spidells in 1964

RCA studio session - July 20-25, 1973 - Stax Studios - Memphis

July 22, 11 pm-3 am

CPA5 4764-09
October 1973 LP RCA APL1 0388 Raised On Rock
Overdubbed master without some instruments:
July 1979 LP RCA AQL1-3448 Our Memories Of Elvis Vol 2 - More of The Pure Elvis Sound
March 6, 2012 CD FTD 506020-975038 Our Memories Of Elvis Volume 1, 2 & 3 The Pure Elvis Sound
Undubbed version:
October 1973 CD Mini LP Japan RCA BMG BVCM-35503 Raised On Rock
Takes 1 (fs), 2(fs), 4 (fs), 5, 8 (fs) and 7: August 1, 2007 CD FTD 88697 12843-2 Raised On Rock
Take 6: August 11, 1998 CD RCA BMG 07863 67672-2 Rhythm And Country - Essential Elvis Vol. 5
Take 7: April 1, 2006 CD FTD 82876 76965-2 Elvis Presley Made In Memphis

Baby you know me well
You know I mean what I say
Before I say farewell
I'll give you just another day

* You'd better find out what's happening
Find out what's happening before long, Oh yeh
If you don't find out what's happening
You're gonna find out that I've gone now, Oh yeh

Tell me what you're gonna do
You'd better make up your mind
It all depends on you
I'm leaving you behind

* Repeat

Baby you know it's true
We've been through thick and thin
But if you don't come through
You won't ever see me again

* Repeat
You'd better find, find, better find out
Better find out
Better find, better find out
Better find, better find out
If you don't find, you're gonna find out that I'm gone