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Rumored to be recorded by Elvis but no proof

Ain't No Sunshine (possible rehearsal during the period of June 1969 to August 1974. - No information)

Always Late (With your Kisses)

Am I To Be The One (no Elvis singing)

Baby, Baby, Baby (no Elvis singing) (alternate title Take Me Please)

Banana (no Elvis singing)

Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home

Birds Fly High


Black Bottom Stomp (no Elvis singing)

Blue Guitar (reportedly Elvis sang Blue Guitar on the Louisiana Hayride but no evidence)

Blues Stay Away From Me (Elvis sing the song off mike but no evidence

Book Of Happiness

Bourbon Street

Breakin' The Rules


By Day By Day (No Elvis vocals)

Candy Kisses

Can You Find It In Your Heart (Never sung by Elvis)

Casual Love Affair (no evidence)

Chautauqua (no evidence)

Color My Rainbow (never recorded by Elvis)

Come Out, Come Out (Wherever You are) (no Elvis vocal track)

Country Bumpkin

Crying (attempted to record but never made)

Cryin' Heart Blues

Dancing On A Dare (no evidence)

Dark As A Dungeon (Possibly recorded at Sun Records)

Detour (Sung by Dolores Hart in Loving You but no proof that Elvis recorded this song)

Down The Line (reported to have been sung at Sun in 1955 but no evidence)


End Of The Rainbow (Reportedly sung to Priscilla)

End Of The Road (no Elvis participation)

Energy (No Elvis vocals)

Everybody's talking (Supposed to be rehearsed between June 69 and August 74)

Fabulous (Rumored to be sung in the 50's)

Five Hundred Miles

Freak Out

God Bless My Daddy (Reported to be sung at the Lawhon Elementary School in East Tupelo)

Good Bad But Beautiful (never recorded)

Guilty (no evidence)

Heartbreak Avenue (never recorded)

Hawaiian Sunrise (Supposed to be recorded for the movie Blue Hawaii)

Holly Holy (believed to have been rehearsed from June 1969 until August 1974)

Hooked On A Feeling

Icecold Love (Reportedly sung live in the mid 1950s)

I Don't Hurt Anymore (Possible rehearsal at Scotty Moore's appartment on June 27, 1954)

I Feel Fine - Jam on August 27, 1965 with The Beatles but not recorded

In My Dreams (not sung by Elvis but by an impersonator

I Played The Fool (Elvis may have recorded the song in the 50s)

I Should Have Been Crucified (sung by J.D. Sumner and The Stamps no Elvis singing)

Island Of Golden Dreams (Supposed to have been recorded on The Million Quartet session but no evidence) It Ain't Me Babe ((Elvis may have sung this song in concert in the 70's)

It'll Be Me (reported to be recorded for RCA but no evidence)

It's My Time To Praise The Lord (no Elvis singing, he is just listening)

I've Got A tiger By The Tail

I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad (Supposed to be recorded for the movie Follow That Dream)

I Was There When It Happened (reported to be recorded December 4, 1956 on The Million Dollar Quartet session)

I Won't Have To Cross The Jordan Alone (reported to be recorded December 4, 1956 on The Million Dollar Quartet session)

Jelly Roll King

Jesus God's Son

Jezebel (never recorded

Jingle Bell Rock (never recorded)

Jingle Bells (no evidence)

Jody And The Kid



Just Let Me Believe A While

Just Walking In The Rain (Elvis is reported to have helped on the song in a session of The Prisonaires)

Land Of Thousand Dances

La Paloma

Leave My Woman Alone

Let Me On (never recorded)

Let's Live A Little

Little Bitty Baby

Little Girl

Living High

Lonely Avenue

Long Journey

Look Before You Leap

Looks Like You're Hurting Me Again

Looney Tunes

Love Bug Itch

Love Is For Lovers

Love's Gone

Love Will Keep Us Together

Loving One

Loving You Baby



Me And Bobby McGee

Mean Mama Blues (Elvis should have sung it on May 25, 1955 but no evidence)

Memory Revival

Merry Christmas Darling (probably incorrect title for Merry Christmas Baby)

Mexiocan Joe

Mohair Sam (Elvis would have play on Mohair Sam August 27, 1965 when he meets The Beatles)

Molly Darling

Moonlight Bay


Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter

Muskrat Ramble

My Birthday Cake

My Blue Heaven (Reported to have been sung at School assemblies in 1945)

My Garden Of Prayer

My Girl Josephine (Rehearsed in 1967 in 1973 but nothing came out)

My Kind Of Town

My Love For You

My Prayer

My Rival (sung by Ann-Margret

My Special Prayer (never recorded)

My Sweet Lord

Naughty Mama (never recorded)


Never Let Me Go (sung by Stella Stevens in "Girls! Girls! Girls!")

Night Mare

Night Train To Memphis

Nine Pound Hammer


No Lonesome Tune

No Particular Place To Go

Now is The Hour

Oakie Boogie

Oh My You Lied (written for Jailhouse Rock but not used)

Ol' Man River

One More Day (sung by Mickey Shaugnessy no Elvis participation)

One Too Many Mornings

Onward To Victory (never recorded by Elvis)

On Wisconsin

Out Of Left Field

Over The Line

Paper Roses

Papy Won't You Please Come Home

Pearl's A Singer

Peter Cottontail

Peter Gun Theme (no Elvis singing)

Petite Fleur

Pick A Bale Of Cotton

Pink Cadillac

Play A Simple Melody

Playing With Fire


Precious Memories (Elvis is supposed to have sung it in concert in the 50's)

Puppy Love

Quiet Desperation

Rag Mop

Raise A Ruckus Tonight

Ramblin' Rose

Read All About It (never recorded or sung by Elvis)

Ready For Love


Return To Me (Ritorna A Me)

Ring Of Bright Water

Rock And Roll Music

Rocked In the Cradle Of The Deep (no Elvis singing)

Rockin' Little Sally

Rock Me Mamma

Rock Of Ages

Room At The Cross

Room For Everybody

Roustabout (Blackwell-Scott version)

Row, Row, Row Your Boat (no Elvis singing)


Sands Of time

Santa You've Done Me Wrong

Satisfied Mind

Satisfy Me

Sea Of Love

Send Out Love

Shave And A Haircut, Two Bits (no Elvis participation)

Since I Met You Baby

Skip To My Lou

Sleepless Nights, Endless Days (never recorded by Elvis)

Slow Down

Snow Don't Fall

Son Of A Preacher Man

Southern Made Donuts

South Rampart St Blues

Steel Away (no Elvis singing)

Stirring Up Feelings (never re'corded by Elvis)

Stop You're Wrong

Stormy Monday Blues

Strange Things Happening


Summer Days

Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down (Not recorded by Elvis)

Sunshine (reported to have been recorded at Sun Records in 1955)

Susan Brown (no Elvis singing)

Swinging In The Orchard (no Elvis singing)

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (inspiration for Swing Down Sweet Chariot but never recorded by Elvis)

Take Your Finger Out Of It, It Don't Belong To You

Tender Moments

Tennessee Dancin' Doll

Tennessee Saturday Night

That Ain't Right

That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch (reported to have been recorded at the KWKH studios in Sheveport)

That's What You Do To Me (never recorded by Elvis)

That's When The Real Love Begins

The Big Hurt

The Billy Goat Song (no Elvis involvement)

The Climb (no Elvis singing)

The Coo Coo Bird (no Elvis singing)

The Dance In The Hall Of The Mountain King (reported to have been performed May 16, 1974 at Lake Tahoe)

The Devil's Right Hand

The End

The Last Time I Saw Her Face (not recorded)

The Lighthouse (sung by J.D. Sumner and The Stamps during Elvis On Tour)

The Man On The Flying Trapeze ((never sang by Elvis)

The Mississippi River

The Nearness Of You (no elvis singing)

The old Rugged Cross

There's A Cross (sung by J.D. Sumner and The Stamps during Elvis On Tour)

There's A Fire Down Below

The Shape I'm In

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore

The Times Table Song (the song was rejected)

The Tip Of My fingers (reported to have been performed on august 11, 1970 Midnight show)

The Vega (the song was rejected)

The Vicious Circle (original title of In The Ghetto)

The Wedding March

The Wheel (sung by J.D. Sumner and The Stamps during Elvis On Tour - No Elvis singing)

The Wonders You Perform (No vocal track by Elvis)

This Little Girl Of Mine

Three Blind Mice (instrumental)

Three Good Reasons

Titles Will Tell (never released)

To Be In Love With You (rejected)

To Be Myself

Tonight I Won't Be There (Never recorded)

Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry

Toot, Toot, Tootsie Goodbye (no Elvis singing)

Tulsa's Blues ( no accord to make recording)

Tupelo Mississippi Flash

Turn Me Loose (never recorded by Elvis)

Turtle, Berries And Gumbo (never recorded by Elvis)

Twenty Flight Rock (No evidence of any Elvis recording)

Twilight Time

Twist Me Loose (working title for "I Don't Wanna Be Tied")

Two Is The Magic Number (not used)

Under The Florida Moon (written for Girl Happy but not used)

Upsilon (written for Girl Happy but not used)

Vacation In Heaven

Viva Las Vegas (title of Tepper and Bennett but rejected)

Wabash Cannon Ball

Walk Away

Walking Down The Line

Walk That Lonesome Road (performed by J.D. Sumner sometimes on concert but no Elvis participation)

We Both Went Our Ways

Weeds (never recorded)

We Had It All (never recorded)

We're Getting Closer To Being Apart

We're Gonna Have A Good Time

We're Gonna Live It Up

What Are Little Girls Made Of (not recorded)

What Have Ya Got To Lose (not recorded)

Whatever Will Be Will Be (other title for Que Sera Sera)

Wheel Of Fortune (alternate title for The Love Machine")

When God Calss Me Home (sung by J.D. Sumner and The Stamps during Elvis On Tour - No Elvis singing)

When It's My Time (probably never performed by Elvis)

When Johnny Comes Marching Home (no Elvis singing)

Which Way Do I Turn (rejected)

Whistling Blues (non Elvis singing)

Who At My Door Is Standing (never recorded by Elvis)

Whoever Finds This, I Love You (never recorded by Elvis)

Who's Loving You (not recorded by Elvis)

Who's That Kicking My Door

Wife Number 99 (not selected)

Will The Circle Be Unbroken (reportedly done on The Million Dollar Quartet but it's only rumor)

Will You Still Be There (scheduled in 1977 but Elvis never recorded it)

Wisdom Of The Ages (second version) (Rejected)

Without You (no evidence)

With These Hands

Woman Shy

Wonderful Blue Eyed Girl Of Mine

Won't You Ride My Little Red Wagon (reported to have been sang during a WELO black and white Satuday Jamboree in february 1945)

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (reported recorded in July 1963 for Viva Las Vegas)

Yellow Roses (planned for his August 1969 live recordings)

Yes I Do (never recorded by Elvis)

You And I (never recorded by Elvis)

You Can't Blame A Guy For Trying

You'll Miss Me, When I'm Gone (variation of "Just Because")(br>
Young Hearts (not used)

You're All I Want For Christmas (not recorded)

You're My World (supposed to have been sung with The Beatles but no evidence)

You're Right, I'm Left, She's Gone (other tiotle for "I'm Left You're right she's gone)

You scratch My Back (rejected)

You Turned The Tables On Me (informal recording at Sun but no evidence)

You Win Again (rumor but no evidence)

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