The Elvis' Suit

The suit are classified following their apparition order.

Kelly green jacket

Purple coat and black silk slacks

Black pants and white suede shoes, baby blue shirt, maroon jacket

Kelly green jacket, black pants, white shirt, tie and white bucks

Maroon jacket, black denim jeans, baby blue shirt, white suede shoes

Red sport coat with collar upturned and white shirt open to the navel

"Neon green" tweed jacket, a white plated raw-silk shirt and blue tie

Kelly green jacket and matching tie, black slacks and blue suede shoes

Black suit, white shirt and white bucks shoes

Lime green jacket, matching shirt and pink tie.

Bright green coat, black slacks and black shirt

Gold jacket, black shirt and slacks

1957 gold jacket

Black Leather Suit

Black Herringbone Jumpsuit

Black Karate 2 pieces suit

Black Karate Suit

White Herrinbone Suit

Apache Suit

White Sleek Suit

Pearl Suit

White Pearl Suit

Thin Greaf Leaf Suit

White Ribs Suit

Aqua Suit

Multicolor shirt

Black Pants Gold Belt

Fringe Suit with Short Fringes

Concha Suit

Chain Suit

Red Ladder Suit

Mexican Belt Suit

Plain Dark Blue Suit

White Fringe Suit

White Chain Suit

White Suit

Black Cisco Kid Suit

Porthole Suit

Black Cisco Suit

Lightblue Two Piece Cisco Kid Suit

Firework Suit

Light Blue Two Pieces Cisco Kid Suit

White Cisco Kid Suit

Black Matador Suit

Black Two Pieces Cisco Kid Suit

Spectrum Suit

Matador Suit

Black Firework Suit

White Red Lionhead Suit

White Spectrum Suit

Black Fireworks Suit

Whire Red Lionhead Suit

Lion Suit

Paisley Shirt Suit

Two Piece Plain suit

Black Pyramid Suit

Lightblue Spanish Flower Suit

Two Piece Suit

Light Blue Swirls Suit

Blue Nail Suit

White Fireworks Suit

Blue Nail Studded Suit

Burning Love Suit

Blue Owl Suit

White Pyramid Suit

Red Burning Love Suit

White Adonis Suit

Grass Suit

Light Blue Swirl Suit

White Two Piece Suit

White Blue Jewelled Suit

White pants with blue shirt

Light Blue Spanish Flower Suit

Light Blue Grass Suit

Adonis Suit

Blue Swirls Suit

Light Blue Studded Nail Suit

White Stone Eagle Suit

Dark Blue Owl Suit

Light Blue Tiffany Suit

Saturn Suit

Black Way Down Suit

Aloha Eagle Suit

Red Flower Suit

White Snowflake Suit

White Studded Nail Circle Suit

Brown Flowers Suit

White Aloha Eagle Suit

Studded Nail Suit

Sunlight Suit

White Today Suit

White Red Flower Suit

White Spanish Flower Suit

White Sunlight Suit

Thunderbird Suit

Studded Nail Circle Suit

White Nashville Suit

White Eagle Suit

Blue Target Suit

Spanish Flower Suit

White Brown Suit

Black Spanish Flower Suit

White Brown Flower Suit

White Blue Target Suit

Swirl Suit

Light Blue Flowers Suit

White Way Down Suit

Memphis Suit

Inca Gold Leaf Suit

White Jumpsuit

Blue Rainbow Suit

Peacock Suit

American Eagle Suit

Phoenix Suit

Blue Phoenix Suit

Mermaid Suit

Leather Suit

2 Pieces Mermaid Suit

White 2 Pieces Rainfall Suit

Indian Suit

2 Pieces Wineglass Suit

Chinese Dragon Suit

Mad Tiger Suit

Mexican Sundial Suit

2 Pieces Fringe Suit

Blue 2 Pieces Suit

Indian Feather Suit

Blue Flying Suit

Dark Blue 2 Pieces Suit

Benefit Suit

White 2 Pieces Suit

Gray 2 Pieces Suit

Silver Phoenix Suit

White Indian Feather Suit

Red Phoenix Suit

Black Phoenix Suit

White Jumpsuit with Black Eagle

Blue Gypsy Suit

Dark Blue Suit

Dark Blue Gypsy Suit

Dark Blue Aztec Suit

Black Jumpsuit

Gypsy Alpine Suit

Gypsy Suit

Penguin Suit

Blue Aztec Suit

White V Neck with Puffy Sleeve Suit

Rainfall Suit

V Neck Suit

Blue Suit with Silver Eagle

Blue Bicentennial Suit

Bicentennial Suit

Rainfall Suit + White Bicentennial Suit

White Bicentennial Suit

Prehistoric Bird Suit

V Neck With Puffy Sleeves Suit

Blue Prehistoric Bird Suit

White Prehistoric Bird Suit

Blue Prehistoric Suit

White Inca Gold Leaf Suit

White King Of Spades Suit

White Flame Suit

King Of Spades Suit

White Jumpsuit with Red Eagle

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